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Thanksgiving, thunderstorms and moving

November 23, 2010

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Its two days before Thanksgiving. The clouds are thick, dark and look unforgiving. Just the other night we had a thunderstorm that was quite scary, at least for me because Adam was working overtime in the city and had to drive over the bridge in the middle of it. I normally don’t mind them, as long as we are  home together cuddled up in my favorite throw blanket reading a book or in Adams case playing video games.   Winter has arrived, Time to break out all of my gorgeous Guess and other name brand winter boots that I’ll refrain from naming to save Adam from fainting =).  I often laugh when I see dense clouds.It reminds me of when I was a young girl. My very dear friend Valerie was staying the night and I’m not sure how we got on the conversation but I was determined to insist that when the clouds covered the sky at night it was brighter then when we didn’t have clouds covering the sky at night. I swear they use to glow! Valerie on the other hand probably thought I was losing my mind and laughed until her tummy hurt while insisting I was wrong. We still laugh about that and I often play with her and insist they still do.

Being that its two days before Thanksgiving, I’m stoked for two reasons.

1) I’m not working Today!  My “nine to five” job consists of me being surrounded by fruit and vegetables in the most common place to shop for stuff to fill your face full of delicious food for the  holiday.  I’m sure my coworkers are all running around in a circular motion at the moment and I’m enjoying my mornings cup of coffee in my favorite coffee mug that was hand made for me by my husbands uncle. Its a good day.

2) I cant wait to see my family. I haven’t been to my aunties house for way too long. Hopefully the weather will be good and I can ride the horses. I cant wait to see Adam on a horse. It’s not something I’ve had the pleasure of seeing but I’m looking forward to it. I have a feeling it may be quite funny. My cute city boy.  Love you babe =)

Adam and I have been looking for a new place to live and we found this beautiful little duplex in Berkeley that is being rented out. Its Fabulous!! I’m so excited to be moving into it at the first of the year. The only thing I’m not looking forward  to is the moving part. And packing! Omg,Adam calls me the product hoarder. I love products and my bathroom is proof of that. I swear its going to take me a week to go threw all of my Nars, Redken, and Clinique collections.  My heaven would be one big Sephora department store. Blow up and Air bed and give me a Bottle of glitter to cuddle with and I’ll be all good.

  1. valerie says:

    you silly girl. Clouds do not glow, they do not give off light by themselves. I still stand my ground on this! Clouds REFLECT the light from the moon, they do not glow. 🙂 but I love you so much even with all your silliness.

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