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January 7, 2011

Hi, I'm nicole.
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So the goal that I set for myself of posting a blog three times a week has turned into one every other month.  As I read other professional photographers blogs, they constantly stress the importance of blogging at least the minimum of once a week. No matter what the topic, personal or photography related.   Some people have a really easy time doing it. It comes natural to them, unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. Ill sit at my desk staring at my screen, write a paragraph, look at it, then delete it. Here I am once again at square one.  My fingers on the keyboard and the cursor in bold standing in one spot blinking rapidly waiting for me to type the next word. Thinking to myself, What do I say?  How do I write it to keep my readers interested? Do I put commas in the right areas?  I love to write, so whats holding me up? Perhaps because its on line.  My thoughts, dreams, wants  and feelings open for the world to see. Simply exposed. Is there a rule about making a New Years resolution after the year has already started?   Its not bad luck or anything right? Well, if not. It will be to blog more.

The holidays are over and I’m in my new house. The floors are hard, the kitchen is big and the boxes are slowly being unpacked. As pictures are beginning to take there places on the walls I think to myself that I love it here.  Its cozy and feels more like a home. As  much as I love it, I’m sad to say my rabbit does not. The move was hard on him and he hates the floors. I am happy to announce that after being here for five days he has finally came out of his cage on his own! I was so excited!  Granted it was only one foot in front of his cage and not longer then two minutes. Long enough for him to eat half the apple slice I was bribing him with then high-jack the other half of the uneaten apple and high-tale it back into his cage. It’s a start, and I’m proud of him!

It’s only been winter for a few months and I’m ready for the season to be over. I miss all my cute sun dresses. Spring my love I miss you.

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