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San Francisco | Grace Cathedral Wedding | Andrea And Patrick

September 18, 2012

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Andrea and Patrick had a beautiful day full of lots of love and TONS of fun. They know how to throw a party for sure! We started off with our prep at the Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel on California Street. The ceremony was held at Grace Cathedral; one of the largest and most beautiful landmarks in the city. It really was an honor to be a part of their day. Congratulations Andrea and Patrick!These next three photos need a little back story. If you’re not familiar with S.F. we have cable cars that travel around the city for transportation. Andrea and Patrick are all about fun and wanted to hit up a cable car for some photos. We decided to stop a massively packed cable car in the middle of the city streets to get some photos. Leave it to us to just step in and say, “We’re taking over…”. Hey, I’m Nicole Blumberg and I get what my couples want. After the car stops Andrea and Patrick jump on the car for some cute shots. Granted there’s tons of people (and tourists who I don’t even know if they speak English that were kicked off the car for us) but in the midst of the city on short notice we can’t do “staged”. I love how this picture is just so … S.F. These are two proud papas. This is a perfect photo as two families celebrate the joining into one. A little game for Patrick, blindfolded he had to pick Andrea’s hand out of a line of outstretched arms.
And he picked her mom!! Close but no cigar! I love their cake cutting faces. Patrick looks like he’s on the front lines, storming the cake! Great expressions. LOVE IT!

And a few from the Nicole Blumberg Photobooth =) Such a fun wedding! 

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