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November, the calm before black Friday

November 2, 2012

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It’s November! Fall has always been my favorite season. There has always been something charming about it to me. The colors of the trees, the reflections from the sometimes wet pavement, the comfy sweaters and knee high riding boots all just rock my world.

This November will be something a little different. The weekend after Thanksgiving Adam and I will be moving into our very first house. I’m looking at the pile of empty apple boxes that are sitting there and thinking how I really should be packing. Yea…about that. I think I’ll start after this blog. It wasn’t a really long process for us to find our home. We looked every weekend for about a month or so and actually got the first one we put an offer on.  While looking at it Adam saw the dead seriousness in my face, meaning nobody better live here but us seriousness.  Because of the design of the house we are able to have our own studio and meeting spot now. Meeting in coffee shops has been great, don’t get me wrong. I love how I had an excuse to always have my skinny vanilla latte but using the small tables to place everything we bring to our meetings has been a chore. I’ve even so sadly split my precious latte before. It was heartbreaking really. BUT NOW I get to have my own designed area that will be able to showcase our work and our personal style. Oh yes, I’ve been dragging Adam into the Z Gallery and Restoration Hardware every chance I get. He’s lucky Ethan Allen isn’t closer to us or we would be over there on the next train stop. Not to mention I have him looking at my collection of decoration ideas on Pinterest every time I push that pin it button. I think I gave him whip lash at one point. I’ve learned over the years that Adam and I share the same taste in decorating which is awesome because my taste would have pulled the bigger stick if it came down to it. =)

November also brings other great things. Black Friday. Not that I will be going into any of the stores, I avoid that madness with everything I have. I’d rather shop online with the company of my bunny Mogwai and my husband. Peaceful. Most holiday seasons Adam and I drive to southern California to see his family and spend the holidays there. This year we decided to stay home. We still have a few weddings that will be in December, we will have just moved into our new house and my mom will be getting surgery. So spending the holidays in our new home in the Bay Area just felt like the thing to do this year. I will miss that home made fudge his auntie makes.. I’ll have to get some in the mail.. wink wink. =)

So far this Fall has been a blessing. We have bought our first home and have already started booking weddings for 2013. I feel so blessed.  Last year my new years resolution was to cook more unique things. I tried one recipe I found on Pinterest and decided to keep it to what I know after that, taco bell and chicken noodle soup. I think this years resolution will be more about my work. And whats better to start it off then shooting my  last wedding of the year on 12-31-12 and my first of the new year on the early morning 1-1-13? MY goals this year are to push myself even harder with my photography skills and get published. I want my photos to be on the front page of style me pretty or 100 layer cake and some other fabulous wedding blogs. It’s something that Adam and I need. So we plan to work as hard as we can to make it happen.

I hope everyone has a great November.

  1. LaKeela says:

    Lovely Blog. Such exciting news and inspirational goals. Looking forward to see it all… you two will always have my continual support. Mucho Amore !

  2. holly says:

    Congratulations Nicole & Adam! Buying a new home is exciting and having your own studio will be fantastic. You’ll be able to showcase your amazing photography! Greg and I are so happy we’ll be able to celebrate our New Years Eve wedding with you 🙂 Happy November!

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