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June 29, 2011

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I ran across Twigs & honey while reading a blog by Elizabeth Messina. She is a wonderful photographer who got the privilege of photographing one of my absolute favorite fine art photographers Jose Villa. He is someone I look up to and respect madly in the photography world. He recently published a book that talks about his techniques. I just had to have it! The way I see it is, your not born an artist but born with the talent. It’s something that you need to practice day in and day out, never ceasing to learn new techniques or try new things. The best way to learn something to the T is to try and fail. Wouldn’t it be great to just learn every time we do something right?  But we learn more every time we do something wrong.  That must be why I’m so smart from my teenage years!!! Sorry mom, I love you! I know your reading this. She’s probably thinking “Oh my Lord, ain’t the the truth”!?!

Back to Twigs and Honey!! The designer makes the prettiest hair pieces for your wedding day! Talk about a gorgeous way of adding flare and style to your hair! The pictures would just be amazing and so classy! I just had to share this website with everyone!

It’s no secret that I LOVE fashion! Floral dresses, High heeled pumps, sparkled vintage tops, colorful and big accessories. I cant help it, I’m drawn to the beauty of clothes. I love when my brides love fashion just as much as me! When I’m on a shoot and my bride shows up wearing an adorable outfit it gives me butterflies! Seriously! Photographing a beautiful couple in beautiful clothes and a gorgeous location! OMG whats better then that??  To me fashion is a piece of art! So when I came across polyvore, I was in my own little heaven! My poor husband really needs to hide my credit card when I’m browsing fashion on line. He sure has his hands full with me and my shoe collection. But he loves it, don’t let him try to fool you! =) I put together some of my favorite board sets to share with all my fashion loving girls (and guys). . LOVE!  It’s also a great guideline of stuff to wear to one of my photoshoots ♥




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