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Oakland Sail Boat House Wedding | Devon and Jack

June 3, 2011

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I absolutely love Devon and Jack. The first time we met each other was at a Starbucks on Lakeshore in Oakland.  As soon as I met them, I knew that I instantly liked them. Jack from Ohio and Devon from California both have very laid back personalities and are super easy to get along with.  The meeting was going great, the coffee was good, we were laughing ,talking and then…. dun dun dun. I open my print sample album and spill coffee all over the person sitting next to me.  I was mortified and trying to figure out how on earth to get this persons attention who was so engaged in his cell phone conversion to tell him I just spilled my delicious white chocolate mocha all over his expensive looking jacket.  I look over at Devon and she assures me that its ok and he will never know and not to tell him. Taking a deep breath in I pull away from telling him and opt to just try and wipe it up with a paper cloth. Don’t judge me! But as you can see they still hired me!! Even though I spill coffee on people =)


They held a beautiful small ceremony with their close family and friends to watch them as they married and later had one heck of a reception.  I loved being able to watch Jack and Devon together. They love each other so much and thats all you can notice when you are with them. The way they look at each other is adorable. You guys are so cute and I’m so happy to have been able to share this day with you! Thank you for having Adam and I be your photographers.

This is the part they couldn’t wait for. I love this photo. Jack was so full of emotion and so incredibly happy. He just got to marry the love of his life and I think it just hit him. All of their family and friends had the same sweet personalities of Jack and Devon. Everyone was so kind,I loved this group of people!

Isn’t her sleeve just fabulous? I love it.They made the beer themselves as party favors for everyone! It was really yummy, good job guys ! Adam and I got to take two home =)

The Super friend cape! That was awesome.

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