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Better than beauty

January 28, 2011

Hi, I'm nicole.
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How should a woman in her twenties sweep the leaves off her front yard?  In the best pair of jeans you have and FABULOUS  stilettos,  that’s how !  It was  a bright beautiful day. The sun in full force and I’m dressed in a killer outfit ready to take on the world. Or, at least the town I live in. Hey, a girl can dream! But before I could do anything I needed to sweep the leaves that were taking over my front yard into a massive pile that only the Hulk himself could destroy.  There I am, in my gorgeous and eerily comfy four inch, beige, open toe, Steve Madden heels sweeping the ground. All while getting stared at from every neighbor I have.  Not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing I decided to take a break. Besides, the comfortableness of these shoes needs not to be wasted on chores unless those chores involve ogling the newest pair of Jimmy Choo’s from a windows distance in the streets of San Francisco.  Frankly darling, it was a sight to see. So Sex and the City. =)

Sometimes I get asked why I love photography so much. When I look at things I don’t just look at them, I look into them, I see them. No one else can see what I am seeing. I can be staring at the very same thing as you but how I see it is different. And I can capture that. My lens becomes my eyes, and my eyes sees thing threw my heart. Ta-da! I have it.  It’s like a picture from my soul for every one to see. Being that I am a hopeless romantic to the highest extent and a Pisces ( yes, my soul will always remain a Pisces ! As much as I day dream and am so sensitive , how could I not be ?)   I see things in a really romantic way.  Lost in the magic of passion, emotion and desire I feel it betters my ability to capture that for others.  I love it. I love love and I love capturing that moment that is so gentle, so sweet. Like two bodies standing near the ocean with his eyes on her while her hair blows in the wind as he brushes his fingers across her face. All while the sun is delivering its ending beauty in the sky and  the stars get ready to  shimmer magically in the moon’s embrace. Just like that, with a click of my finger I have that moment forever.  And that is why photography is my soul mate.

At the moment I’m enlightening myself with this book that is called Better than Beauty.  It’s a womens guide to hold a charming persona in any situation. In looks and in personality. If anything else, it is an enjoyable read. =)

And a few of my favorite belongings..

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